Milo Love

Two Monday’s ago, March 6th, marked 1 year since we got Milo. I’m obviously not super on top of my life- otherwise this would’ve been posted, oh, two Monday’s again. But being the good dog mom that I am, I did schedule him to get his shot updates on that day. Oops.

Milo came into our lives because there was a space that needed to be filled. I was working days, Josh had no schedule with the railroad- but he primarily worked evenings, overnights, and weekends. We moved into our house in November 2015, and very quickly the big house we bought to grow into felt very lonely. We were planning our future together, but we were just sharing a house- we felt like roommates who just passed each other in the hall sometimes.

We both grew up with dogs. We both consider ourselves dog people. Almost immediately after getting into our house, which had a prime dog backyard already fenced in, we started looking on PetFinder and all the possible rescue agencies within a couple hundred miles of us. We met a couple other dogs and filled out some applications- but it was never right.

In March, we saw a picture of a dog online. They were at the Council Bluffs Humane Society. We were in Omaha, so we figured we would drive over and see this dog. The dog we were going to see was not Milo.

When we arrived, we walked into where the dogs were. Milo’s spot was right inside the door. We looked at him and he sat and looked at us and wagged his tail. We walked down the row to actually look at the dog we came to see- that dog didn’t look like we thought it would from the picture. So we walked back and stared again at Milo. Literally. My memory is of Josh and I just standing there looking at him, and him looking back at us. He was the only dog in that whole place not barking. We asked to see him.

They brought us into a small room and brought him in. I sat on the floor and he sat on my lap. He played catch with Josh. About 10 minutes later, they asked us if we wanted to take him home. We must’ve had a look of shock and panic and joy, because they said they would give us a few minutes to think about it. We couldn’t let him get away. So as two people who, quite frankly suck at making impulse decisions, we did just that. We brought him out to our car to go home. (The photos below were the pictures we took meeting him at the humane society and then 2 hours after we busted him out of there).

Turns out, that was his first hour on the adoption floor. He was an owner surrender- so we kept his name as Milo. He was surrendered probably by a military family that was getting relocated. He knew how to sit, was kennel trained, and was potty trained. Where ever he was before, you could tell he was loved there. We are happy he ended up in our lives. He had adapted to our life in less than a day. His hobbies include sitting on the patio, chasing a laser, car rides anything involving water, and watching the neighborhood out the front door. As you can see, he has a very hard life :D.

He bridged our lives when we couldn’t be together. He filled the space that once felt very empty. He gave both of us something to come home to. Milo provided each of us with someone to talk to and someone to cuddle with.

On March 6th 2016, we rescued Milo. And on that same day in March, he rescued us.


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