Glamorous Life

I’ve been doing this Farmers Market thing for a few months now. I try to get there at least 2 weekends a month. I knew I was signing myself up for a lot of work, but it’s turning out alright. I’ve even got myself a couple of regulars. I’ve also realized I am the only one at the Farmers Market who brings baked goods who also has a full time job. So there are people there was giant tables full of stuff, and I have my cute little table. But that’s how it works when you get home from work on Friday and bake for 5 hours. At least it’s always fresh. It’s also been interesting trying to work around the heat. Cupcakes and heat aren’t really friends. Plus, my family and I seem to plan things on the weekends when there are events going on downtown where the market is held. So I stick it out for some slower weeks, but I don’t show for the busy weeks. Such is life. :)

Because I haven’t posted on here for awhile, I thought I’d just post some pictures of my experiences this far. I’ve still got over half of the season to go. And I have high hopes for the fall months!

The kitchen- before, during, and after:



kitchen mess




But I get lots of compliments how pretty the end product is:

oreo and confetti


peanut butter



Last week, I branched out to cake pops. The last time I made cake pops was over 2 years ago with my niece and my sister. And in that moment, I vowed to never make them again. They have a lot of wait time and are quite messy. But i tried it again, and it worked out pretty well. I sold them all.

lemon cake pops

I carry all the stuff from my car and set up bright and early…on a weekend.

setting up

Poor Josh even gets put to work:

josh frosting

The outside is hot. The oven makes the inside hot. Overall, it’s a glamorous life.. :)

after baking


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