Like a Farmer

A few weeks ago, I bought a spot at the local Farmer’s Market. I had been thinking of it for awhile and I knew that I would just continue to think about it unless I just went ahead and bought a spot. I had been sitting around knowing I had one and buying a table and plastic containers to prepare. This week, I decided I should get out there once and for all.

Market Table

The table turned out pretty cute. The day overall was pretty slow. It is Memorial weekend and there was a chance of rain. Of course it didn’t rain because that would be too predictable. The Market here runs from 7-12 and I would say people didn’t start coming until around 9:45. At least the time went by fast.

I have a working logo. I’ve been playing around with a couple different ideas and my roommate created one for me. I sent that logo to someone who is in graphic design and they created the current one for me. Because there is a reason I got a degree in Human Development and not art. I have always wanted a baby elephant sitting on top of a cupcake, and I have to say I think it turned out adorable. Of course I’m a little bias.

Frosting logo

I have the greatest friends and boyfriend ever. Anna and Josh got up bright and early with me, helped me set up at 6:45am, covered up with blankets, and sat with me until the end. I’m surrounded by wonderful people.

Boyfriend and I

Greatest friend and I

Anna even brought out lemonade because people like free stuff. And lemonade. And because lemonade and cupcakes would definitely make kids stop so their parents would have to buy them cupcakes since they drank our free lemonade.


The day turned out well. It was a little slow, as was to be expected. I had a total of 38 cupcakes (I made two varieties-Chocolate Chip and Lemon) and 4 mini loafs of Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Walking away, I had 1 loaf and 6 cupcakes left. For my first day, I can’t complain. I also had someone ask if I had a card because they were thinking ahead for their sons birthday and were thinking about cupcakes. Of course, my cards are currently on order so she will just have to stop back to get one. Because I’ll be back next week. And the week after that.


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