They All Become Blueberries–Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

As the end of another summer nears, I feel like this summer has simply been a turning point in my life. You know, one of those things I’ll look back on in 30 years and not really think it’s a big deal, but right now, it’s huge. I’ve worked my summer away- I guess you could say this is my first adult summer. I’ve had to say goodbye to friends who are continuing onto the next adventure in their life, but I’ve also made some new friends. I’ve realized that what I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my life actually isn’t the right path for me. I realized that being slapped by a crying 2 year old really does make for a good story. But most importantly, I’ve realized I need to start living for myself. I need to do what I want and follow my heart. I need to pick the path that’s calling me and I need to stop allowing myself to get less than I deserve. This could be the year I actually live for me. It’s getting real. :)

SUMMER 2012- Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

There are a few reasons I decided to make these cupcakes. Number 1: I really just wanted to make cupcakes. Number 2: The lady I work for and I got in the discussion of not sweet desserts. She started talking about how she had recently had a lemon blueberry muffin that wasn’t sweet at all. So I also did this as a way to prove that cupcakes are superior to muffins- though I will never pass on a muffin. Though I did experience opening a moldy muffin recently…but that’s another story. And number 3: I really just wanted to make cupcakes. :) The first step for this was grating lemons. I grated mine while watching a couple Seinfeld episodes. The public library has all of the seasons…and I have no cable… I’m on season 7…

After all the grating was done, I mixed together the dry ingredients. The same process as usual.

In a different bowl, it was time to combine the other ingredients; starting with the butter, sugar, and eggs.

Followed by vanilla and the lemon peel. (Random note: As I sit here writing this, all I can hear is a bass outside. I can tell that more people are coming back to town…I really hope other people listen to better music).

Alternate between adding the flour mixture and milk.

Mix, mix, mix. And then there is batter!! :) (Look, my pictures are getting artsy :D)

In the bowl I had the flour mixture in, I added another tablespoon of flour as well as the BLUEBERRIES. I felt really fancy at this time. I put my blueberries in, sprinkled flour over the top and flipped the bowl up. That sent the blueberries nicely flying around inside the bowl, and gave me a chance to pretend I was a fancy chef. It was a win-win.

Time to scoop!!

Once they were all scooped, I added the blueberries. Most of them got about 3 blueberries.  I used to not really be a big blueberry fan, but they’ve grown on me. Of course, they aren’t my go to fruit or anything, but they aren’t my least favorite either.

Eventually, they all had blueberries. And my fingers had batter on them. It was a nice trade off.

Pop them into the oven at the usual temperature of 350°. Then wait…and stare at the dishes piled in the sink. After about 20 minutes, they were done.

When I’m baking cupcakes, all I can think about is the show Cupcake Wars. They have such crazy time limits on that show- doable of course. I can’t help but wonder if I would even come close to making that time though. I drag out the process. It’s about the journey, not the destination. :)

Once I moved them to the wire racks to cool, I started the frosting. Powdered sugar, butter and lemon peel to start.

That was followed by adding vanilla, a little salt and some milk. The consistency of the frosting came out a little funky. I think it had something to do with my butter. I feel like I’ve read somewhere that if the butter isn’t the right temperature, the whole thing can be off. I think that’s what happened. The butter had been sitting on the counter for awhile but I didn’t stick in the microwave to soften if a little more. I probably should’ve…So yeah, the texture was a little strange. But it was definitely still edible, and quite tasty for that matter.

Because of the weird consistency, I just spread this frosting with a knife. I really hate this picture because you can see the ugliness of the frosting…look, I’m a cupcake snob. :)

And then they were all frosted. I must admit, I do like piping a lot better now.

The blueberries then made a reappearance. All the cupcakes were topped with blueberries. Again, I think I put about 3 on each of them.

Soon enough, they were all covered with blueberries. I do think if my frosting would’ve worked a little better and I piped the cupcakes with a nice frosting, I think these cupcakes would actually be rather visually appealing. Sorry, but I have to start thinking about appearances for when I hit my mid-life crisis and open a bakery.

I took a bite. I would say these are the best of this summer. They were very light and summer-y. Rather tasty. I liked them and would make these ones again. Hopefully, I would have a better frosting. But the frosting still tasted good. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Bridesmaids, but when I took a bite of the cupcakes, all I could think about was that movie. I went through that whole process just to have this single gratifying bite, just like in that movie. Only in the movie, she just made a single cupcake. I took the bite of mine and then looked around at the other 23 cupcakes I had on the table. The new question has become what to do with all the cupcakes. I really need to find more people to pawn these off on…or start selling them on the side of the street. Like a lemonade stand.

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

2 1/3 cups plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

2 ½ teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 cup butter, softened

1 ¼ cups sugar

3 eggs

2 tablespoons grated lemon peel

1 teaspoon vanilla

2/3 cup milk

1 cup fresh blueberries

Lemon Frosting

1 ½ cups powdered sugar

¾ cup unsalted butter, softened

1 teaspoon grated lemon peel

½ teaspoon salt

1 ¼ teaspoons vanilla

1 tablespoon milk

  1. Heat oven to 350°. Place paper baking cup in each of 24 regular size muffin cups.
  2. In medium bowl, mix flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
  3. In large bowl, beat butter with electric mixer on medium speed 30 seconds. Gradually add sugar, about ¼ cup at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat 2 minutes longer. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in lemon peel and vanilla. On low speed, alternately add flour mixture, about 1/3 of mixture at a time, and milk about ½ at a time, beating just until blended.
  4. Divide batter evenly among muffin cups, filing each about ½ full.
  5. Toss 1 cup blueberries with 1 tablespoon flour. Sprinkle berries over batter in each cup.
  6. Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pans for 5 minutes then place on cooling racks.
  7. In medium bowl, beat frosting ingredient with electric mixer on high speed about 4 minutes or until smooth, adding more milk 1 teaspoon at a time, if needed.
  8. Frost cupcakes. Garnish with blueberries.


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