Dusting Off My Mixer

You know, I really wish I had the will power to just write on here. But I don’t. If it doesn’t relate to the kitchen, I see no point in it really. I have my thoughts and all- don’t get me wrong, I over think as much as the next person- but I don’t think I want my thoughts to take precedence over the things I cover in frosting.

About that, it’s summer again. I am not living at home this summer because I have my own place. I HAVE MY OWN KITCHEN…well I have roommates, but it’s much better than dorm kitchen access. And I really can’t complain about it. Wait…I guess my one complaint is that the oven doesn’t have a window…but I guess that’s not a big complaint. It’s a tiny bump that I will happily walk over. :)

At this time last year, I have already made 2 different kinds of cupcakes. I had a friend ask me this past weekend if I had baked any cupcakes recently. And to answer that, yes, yes I have. I baked a batch of peanut butter cupcakes about 2 weeks ago (and yes, I would still take a bath in that frosting…meaning that I would eat it with a spoon :D). I do still bake from time to time but not as much as I would like to. Though that could potentially change since I have access to a full kitchen a few steps from my bedroom! AHHH!!! Sorry, I’m still really excited about it.

Well, now that you’ve read the lead in- here’s the part that relates to this blog… BAKE ON.

No, I won’t be making cupcakes every week. No, I’m not challenging myself to do something different every week.

Here’s what I can promise. I will be making more appearances on this blog. I will be baking more than I have in a long time. Though there will be a lot of cupcakes, I might branch out and make some other desserts- I’ll try to stick with things with frosting but I can’t promise that part. I WILL be spending a lot of time in the kitchen- this much I know for sure.

I hope you’ve put up with me not baking this past school year. But what can you do. Though I still want to drop out and open a bakery. Especially since I just realized that due to my career field of choice, I will probably have to get a shot every year for the rest of my life. Now the heat of the oven doesn’t sound so bad.

In other news- I’m making cupcakes tonight. :)


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