Cupcake Easy Bake

-dusts off blog-

I feel like such a bad person, not writing on here. But I can’t make myself write about anything but cupcakes on here, plus I have a journal for all the other stuff so I guess I’m stuck. Well, here’s to the first post of 2012!

So Christmas has come and gone. Well, for Christmas, I got cupcake stuff. I’m not kidding. That’s mostly all I got. A mixing bowl, a mixer, cupcake candles and ornaments, a lunch bag, a piggy bank (shaped like a cupcake, so a cupcake bank?), a cupcake carrier and 4 books…plus I bought myself cupcake footie pajamas (don’t judge :D). I officially have an excessive amount of cupcake stuff- ask me how I feel about it later. I also got a Babycakes maker. Basically, it’s an easy bake oven for cupcakes. It’s this fun little thing that bakes 8 minis at a time and it sits on the counter. I also got a mix for it (plus a book so I can mix up my own), but I figured I would just use the mix to try it out. The mix was for Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Not my first choice, but it works. :)


The first step was a tough one…I had to open the box. :)

In a small bowl, I mixed an egg, milk and oil.

Then I opened the packet from the box, put that in a bowl and then added my lovely EMO mixture.

Mix, mix, mix. The second I moved my spoon, it started to turn red. I was officially amused.

OK, I don’t think the red velvet color could get any more perfect than this. So the Babycakes people get points for appearance for sure.

It was then time to start filling the machine up. Before I started mixing, I plugged in the machine (which is pink and awesome) so it could preheat and get ready to bake on! Say hello to my machine.

And this is the inside. Again, say hello.

Time to fill. My directions told me I could either grease the machine or use mini liners. I voted liners. I’m all for an easy cleanup.

Full and ready to go! All I had to do was close it and it starts baking…crazy stuff.

The next thing I had to do was alternate between staring at the machine and the clock. 6-7 minutes was all I had to wait.

Done! Gosh, this was amusing. :)

This was my technique for removing them. I wasn’t sure how hot it would be (the directions told me it would be hot) and as much as I love burning myself, I decided I wasn’t in the mood for that today. Plus, my thighs are burning from a swing aerial workshop on Saturday- so I’ve got all the burning I can handle right now. :)

And after repeating a few times, I had all the cupcakes done!

Oh, and I should probably mention that well making my cupcakes, I was wearing my new apron. There was really no point to wearing it, plus it didn’t match my outfit, but I figured I should try it out…mostly for joy. And you guessed it, I got it for Christmas.  -.-

Now that my babies were cooling, I made the frosting. Cream cheese frosting. Not my favorite, but it came with the mix, so I used it. It was butter, cream cheese, and I’m pretty sure all that was in the little packet was powdered sugar.

And then the powdered sugar exploded when I started mixing…so that was fun.

A few things that haven’t changed since 2011. Number 1) Making frosting is still my least favorite part of the baking process. Especially when it decides to attack my spatula.

Number 2) I still hate the smell of cream cheese. I especially hate it when it gets all over my hands. I feel like that smell doesn’t wash off. On the bright side, the frosting finally was finished. It didn’t really make much.

All that was left to do was frost. I piped these ones. I like piping more and more each time I do it, and I’m actually getting pretty good.

Done! They turned out pretty lovely. They were cute and I love the red color. My machine worked great and I might have a new fun toy. Apparently, you can make pretty much anything in there. Cupcakes, muffins, pies, cheesecake, breakfast foods, appetizers, etc. It might be pretty handy to have.

Of course I tried a cupcake. It was good even though red velvet + cream cheese isn’t really my idea of a good time. But they did taste decent and I’ll probably eat another. I mean, they’re so tiny so it’s hard to feel guilty. :)

“Congrats, she gave you an easy bake oven for cupcakes.” Well, I was an easy bake child. :) Babycakes test run was a success! Even with the minor messes and explosions. This is why I love having my own kitchen.

Happy 2012 everyone! Make memories and messes, eat foods you love, dance until you can feel the burn but most of all, have a great year and make it worth remembering. :)



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