Nothing Sweeter than Summertime

Well…I am currently writing this on one of the last days of the month of August. It’s crazy to think that I wrote my first post at the end of May. I don’t like to think about it. I had planned to make one more batch of cupcakes (to redeem myself from the whip cream mess last week), but time got away from me. I’m finishing up my last week of work, coming home, visiting with some people and saying some farewells, eating, packing, organizing, shopping and more packing, then doing a little bit of reading before I go to sleep and start it all over again the next morning. This weekend I won’t even be home before I leave for school. I’ve got a wedding on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday and I move in on Sunday. I think summer has now decided it wanted to make me super busy and tired this last week.

But now it’s time to get honest, and that is you can’t get rid of me that easily! BAHAHA! I don’t part from things well. I don’t like change. I don’t like endings. And because of that, you can expect there be cupcakes in my future (and yours if you choose to read it and/or happen to be one of the people I’m around when I go all cupcake baker at school). I would highly suggest subscribing to my blog so you get an email when I post something-since it will be more spontaneous starting now. I for sure know I will be making cupcakes in a few weeks for a weekend at a cabin, the next weekend I’m making a giant cupcake, and towards the end of October, I will be making something for Frosting for the Cause.  But there are always those times when I’m bound to be super joyful and need some cupcakes or the times when I’m crying my eyes out and want to make some cupcakes. I guess I don’t eat my feelings, I bake my feelings. And maybe I’ll write a random post about myself once or twice. Only time can tell. :)

This summer has brought (among other things):

Water Adventures

Great times with fantastic friends

Some quality bonding with the family

Dress malfunctions

A concert at a fair (yay small Midwestern town!) (Also: The Band Perry to be specific)

A few too many Mac Photo booth pictures

A couple of weddings (and 2 more in September)

Relay for Life

And of course, cupcakes

I hope your summer was as tasty as mine. I hope you made some memories this summer, as I did. And I hope you look back on this summer and smile. I know I will. I also hope you enjoyed going on this cupcake ride with me. In one of my favorite songs “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum, they tell us that nothing is sweeter than summertime. I disagree. Cupcakes are just as sweet. Everything about cupcakes could be just as sweet as summer, frosting and all.

Goodbye until my next emotion strikes or my next get-together happens (it won’t be a long parting, I promise).

Keep calm and eat a cupcake,

Sarah Rae


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