Surprise in the Center–Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

My roommate found me this recipe when I first started doing this cupcake adventure. The recipe, though it sounded good, also sounded intense and rather time consuming. I then made the mistake of telling my coworkers about it. Then they wanted me to make it. Yes, they have been getting cupcakes every week, so then they started to get greedy. :) Anyway, after being harassed for a few weeks, I told them if they brought me butter, I would make them these cupcakes. So Antoinette followed through, so here we are.


These cupcakes took me 2 days to make. The first day I made the cookie dough and the tiny cookies for garnish. The second day, I made the cupcakes and the frosting. Let’s start with day one.

The first thing I did was made the cookies. There was a recipe to make the cookies, but I decided to cheat. I just used one of the frozen packaged cookie dough sheets. I figured it would be pointless to make 2 different kinds of cookie dough in one night (the cookie dough filling was eggless). Actually, my mom watched the cookies for me. She’s good at baking cookies…a trait she forgot to pass onto me.

While the cookies where in the oven, I mixed up the cookie dough filling. This cookie dough was egg-less as well. I mixed together my ingredients…

…and then I rolled them into balls. It said to use a little cookie scoop, but rolling with my hands was just as easy.

After rolling and putting them on a cookie sheet, they were ready to be put in the freezer until the next day.

Now, let’s go forward 24 hours. It was now time to make the cupcake batter. When I asked my co-workers for butter, it’s because this recipe used a lot of butter. This is the butter used just for the batter. Yummy.

I mixed butter, sugar and eggs in one bowl. Then were the dry ingredients in a smaller bowl. And my milk and vanilla in a measuring cup. The next step was to alternate adding the milk/vanilla and the dry ingredients into the bowl with the butter fluff. It was about this time, that I was thinking maybe I should’ve used a bigger bowl…

I somehow managed to get everything to fix in that bowl…

Then it was scooping time! You will notice the birthday cupcake wrappers. That’s because I was making these the night before my birthday. My mom came into the kitchen and asked me if I wanted a cake for my birthday. No, I didn’t want a cake. I was up to my elbows in cupcakes thank you very much.

After I scooped all 32 cupcakes…that’s right, 32. This recipe is supposed to make 24…I got 32. I could’ve made more, but I had ran out of pans. Anyways, after I scooped, I took my frozen cookie balls out of the freezer and placed them on top of the cupcake batter.

It was time to pop them into the oven. I was really curious to see what was going to happen with the cookie dough.

When they were baking, I made the frosting. It was rather simple brown sugar frosting. It was also perfect spreading consistency. Win.

And this is what was happening to the cupcakes while I was making the frosting…cool stuff.

Once they were out, they all had their own character.

This one was my favorite.

After they had cooled, it was time to decorate. Step 1: frosting. I piped the frosting this time. I enjoy doing it.

Then, mini chocolate chip time. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.

Which was followed by a tiny cookie I made the night before. I just put half the cookie on. Because my frosting wasn’t high enough to hold the whole cookie up.


Tasting time. They were good. They were different. I don’t know if they were what I was expecting, but I don’t really even know what I was expecting. The frosting was fabulous and if you like cookie dough, you would like these. I actually think the cookie dough was my least favorite part. Because it is eggless, it tastes a little different. Well, I don’t know if it actually does, but it might’ve to me because I knew it was different. I think it would be just as good without the cookie dough, or maybe smaller cookie dough pieces. The coworkers like them though. A few ranked these ones as their favorite.  I think these would be fun for a birthday or something though…oh wait…happy birthday to me!

Because this recipe is long with so many parts, I’m going to send you to the blog where I got this recipe. They have a printer friendly version of the recipe if you want it for your collection. It’s a fantastic blog by the way!


3 thoughts on “Surprise in the Center–Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

  1. I haven’t even read the whole post yet. I just got to Chocolate cookie dough cupcakes and said, “Shut up!” I will now finish reading the rest of you blog as I planned.

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