Intense Baking With Color

This baking adventure actually happened the weekend before I left school for the summer. I had a line dance potluck to attend. I must explain; I just started line dancing this year at the Moose Lodge in my college town. Through a club, I got set up with an adopted grandparent and my adopted grandmother happens to teach line dancing. The girl who I share my grandma with (also conveniently named Sarah) and I started going to her line dancing classes and fell in love. Sarah and I decided to make cupcakes for what we thought was the end of the year potluck (they actually have potlucks once a month, that’s how observant we are). We thought about what kind to make and I had come across how to tie dye cupcakes. So we went for it. I sadly don’t have pictures because we were in a crazy rush when making them. I have never had to mix ingredients and bake so fast. But basically, you make batter and split it into four bowls and add a different food coloring to each bowl. Fill the cupcake pan using on color at a time. Once in, you gently swirl it around with, well you’re supposed to use a toothpick…we couldn’t find toothpicks…so I was standing in the kitchen swirling cupcakes together with a knife….it was intense baking. :)

And they turned out!

And then we frosted them (because who doesn’t love some frosting and sprinkles)!

They were so fun on the inside because everyone looked different.


This was my last big adventure of the year, and I’m glad it was with Sarah.  She is kind of fantastic. :) And now I’m at home but I don’t walk into a room being greeted as Sarah 1 and Sarah 2 (I’m pretty sure I was Sarah 2 as I was shorter and younger…but I think they were interchangeable :D). It’s also kind of fun being the youngest is the room by at least 40 years. But all the people we line dance with are also splendid. I’m counting down the days until I go line dancing there again.


Overall, our line dance cupcake adventure, through all the speed walking through parking lots and intense mixing, it turned out to be a success. We even had time to get a few dances in.


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