Behind the Frosting

If I could drop out of school and open up a bakery, I would. But people tell me that isn’t smart and isn’t logical. And I guess getting an education is also good, plus I’m in a field that I love. Oh well, a girl can still dream. And there is nothing illogical about me living out of my kitchen this summer. I must say, I don’t have a beautiful story about being young and in the kitchen baking with my parents or grandparents. I did have an Easy Bake oven though. But I rarely used it because it was more of a hassle for my parents than anything (pretty sure, it’s still in highest shelf of a closet). And then (drumroll please), I got old enough to use a real oven.

But the kitchen is still a place of memories for me. Memories of smelling the fresh stove top popcorn at my grandma’s house or standing at the sink with my mom doing dishes every other night (the younger brother had the other nights). Some of our best and deepest conversations happened when she was up to her elbows in bubbles and warm water and when I had a towel in hand. But ultimately, my friends are a really big part of why I bake.

When we would have sleepovers, we would spend most of the time talking. Sitting on the floor and staring at each other talking got rather old rather fast, so every so often, we would bake something while we talked. We got our bonding in as well as a tasty treat out of it. It was essentially perfect.

I’ve baked pies, cookies and cakes of all sorts with my friends. Some of my favorite memories of all time include making an apple cake and thumbprint cookies for school, my friend and I jumping for joy when we found a new and fun cake pan (the favorite was our teddy bear cake pan find) and the day my best friend and I decided to torture ourselves and make 200 plus tiny bite size muffins.

I started baking with my friends and then I realized that I loved it and that I was fully capable of doing it on my own. Then cupcakes became my thing. I love how versatile cupcakes are and how many different kinds there are. I love how cupcakes can be made for any event and decorated in any fashion. I love their size. I love that it can be eaten with hands, after pulling off the wrapper, as if you have that moment to turn back and put the cupcake down (but seriously who would do that).

But most of all, I love the peace that comes with baking. Creating something is a beautiful thing. It’s so much more beautiful when that thing can be eaten and enjoyed by yourself and others. The hardest part of going to college for me was that I had to leave behind a full kitchen. Of course while at school, I did have full access to a kitchen, but it was so much more work and I had other things to do. But there were times when all I wanted to do was go and make some cupcakes. When I was overjoyed, I wanted to make cupcakes. When I was angry, I wanted to make cupcakes. Cupcakes help me deal with things. But I couldn’t use cupcakes to deal with things when at school. But now I’m home for the summer, and I have a full kitchen at my fingertips. And this is why I created a challenge for myself. Make at least one batch of cupcakes a week (with each week being a different kind and no repeats). And that’s the madness behind the frosting.


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